Plant Medicine Ceremony

Plant Medicine Ceremony Integration Counseling

Currently a post-ceremony counselor for Asuria Holistic Arts, and offering virtual sessions to anyone exploring the plant medicine world who feels they would benefit from guidance or support. Integration counseling after a Sacred plant medicine ceremony can be instrumental in ensuring you receive nurturing support as post-ceremony there is a beautiful opportunity to take what may have been a transformative, deeply spiritual, or mystical experience and weave the wisdom that arose into positive and permanent shifts in consciousness, awareness, and self actualization. Sessions can create a container for continued growth to your highest self, help you to witness and honor what has been experienced and come to a greater understanding, assist in creating daily practices and rituals so the medicine can be woven into your life for lasting positive change, provide support around who to share your journey with and how much to share with loved ones during the vulnerable open hearted time after your experience, aid in regulating the nervous system, process intense emotions or trauma that may have risen to the surface to be transmuted during ceremony, and implement meaningful and purposeful choices to carry the potentially life-changing transformational energies forward into consistent grounding, embodiment and peace of mind, body and spirit. Clients report increased joy and clarity after sessions as they step from the power of the plant medicine ceremony further into their authentic self, sovereignty and freedom.

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