What Clients are Saying


Healing session with Jen was out of this world! I ended the session feeling centered and calm. I felt lighter in my body, a feeling I have never experienced and there was a sense of inner peace. Jen does an incredible job in getting someone like me (Type A personality) to feel relaxed and grounded.

    • Catherine Nafissi, MFT

      Amicus Therapy Group


Healing alignments with Jen are magical! I feel a full release of tension from my mind and body, and really calm, centered and clear afterward. Her energy is truly healing and the sessions have brought more clarity, grounding, and peace into my life, thank you Jen!

    • Elise Dixon

      Ingenium Enrichment


A session with Jen is a true act of self care and self love. As a small business owner and mom of two I never carve out time for myself or gift myself the chance to slow down and recharge in someone else’s care. So the chance to receive love and nurturing, be held in a space of peace and fullness, and come back to myself was truly amazing. Jen is a true healer and gift to those that are lucky enough to experience her gifts. I will return to her care time and time again.

    • Emily Galvin Moore

      Owner Peacebank Yoga


As someone who has never experienced body work outside of massage and chiropractic care, I was open minded as well as reluctant about this type of body work. I know Jen from OTF and she always approaches her coaching with such a healing, patience, and love. It was no surprise that she did the same with this type of body work. Once I was on the table and my session began, I was immediately transported to a state of relaxation. As a person who works in a high stress environment, I wondered if I could relax and let go. With the help of the sound vibrations and massage, I slipped away to a completely different state of mind. I left feeling like a different person; energized and refreshed!

    • Sarah Ferrari

      Director of practice APRN


Jenn teaches my favorite yoga class and from the first time I took her class I knew she was a healer. Jenn brings such warmth, positivity and generosity to her alignment work, taking time to learn the unique needs of the person she is treating. She is completely devoted to her time with you and that energy comes through in the most restorative and healing way. She is such a gift to this world!

    • Esther Hope Ammon



I started seeing Jen with a goal of trying to create balance between work, family and me. My sessions evolved through mindfulness discussions. Through our conversations, Jen provides diverse, positive perspectives that help me better manage my feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed. She guides me with alternative approaches to dealing with challenges, helping me to let go of the self-imposed burdens that keep me from finding my balance. She is wonderful at listening and helping you find the right path for you. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Jen which has put me on a path to achieve, and most importantly maintain, my own peace and balance.

    • Jenny Victor

      CMO Epicor U.S.


Jen has been a true inspiration and a grounding force as my life coach.
One of the biggest impacts Jen has had on my life was in May 2018, during a 12 week medical leave due to chronic, work-related stress.
Jen played a critical role in my road to recovery. We made mindfulness and meditation key priorities. Jen not only served as a sounding board but also ended each session with inspirational guided meditations. Jen’s love, dedication and expertise literally helped to heal me. It was a life changing event and I’m happy to say, through her care, it’s given me a renewed outlook/lease on life.

    • Kasey Holman

      Communications and Marketing


Jen has inspired and empowered me to truly lead my life and approach challenges from a place of strength, courage and love. She taught me to surf the big waves of my life, to get back up and find my balance again and again.

    • Leslie Todd Senior Director

      Head of Medical Communications and Publications Rigel Pharmaceuticals


Jen – I don’t really know where to start with what an amazing person I think she is.Jen coached me through heart surgery which I had the summer of 2018. Talk about life changing. Going into that with a strong foundation mentally, I knew I was going to be OK and honestly she was a huge part of me feeling that way. I can’t imagine having gone through that experience without her.
Jens inspiration and motivation are undeniable, and she’s truly one of the greatest people in my life. Strength is something I had before…but she taught me a whole different way to channel it.

    • Alex Prieto

      Executive Assistant Shasta Ventures

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