Jen Accristo

Welcome! My name is Jen, so glad to connect with you, beautiful soul! I am incredibly grateful to be of service in the heart centered work as an Intuitive Spiritual Guide using various Holistic Healing Modalities and the Shamanic Arts to create powerful transformation. I wake up every day blessed at the privilege of this work, fully present and joyful in my life.

Yet my life was not always this way… A traumatic childhood led to an adulthood where my instinct about what was best for me was injured, I made decisions based on other peoples needs, overlooking my own, I had free-floating anxiety and an undercurrent of fear rippled through my life. At times I was in so much emotional pain, disconnected from my own body, operating from the survival mode of PTSD that I felt numb and paralyzed, this had a physical component as well creating debilitating back pain that would come and go from the trauma stored in my body…. that all changed when I decided I wanted to live and not just survive, but thrive…In an effort to shift my life into alignment with my true seed of purpose and to heal myself I began exploring different spiritual philosophies including Buddhism, Taoism, Stoicism, Yoga, Shamanic work, Guided Energy Medicine, Reiki, life coaching, sound healing, plant medicine, meditation, breath work, Cacao and Hapé ceremony, and craniosacral massage.

These explorations and how they access the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic body have cleared the way for my own healing transformation, making huge shifts in my life so that now I welcome in daily what is in alignment with my hearts truth and soul’s purpose, and stand in a place of gratitude and strength. I am humbled and honored to partner with my amazing clients on their own hero’s journey to wholeness.

The recipe within this powerful yet subtle Sacred work is an alchemic formula for transformation as clients remember their divine nature, release trauma, drop into a parasympathetic nervous state that helps to heal the nervous system, elevate their brain state out of survival brain, and bring their brain waves into a meditative state, all creating a sense of well-being , peace, and present moment awareness. These modalities can be partnered with coaching techniques used to clear unconscious belief systems, essential event and timeline research which reframes personal history into a more empowering narrative and brings in an awareness of any unhealthy patterns so they can be cleared. The combination of these various techniques decrease anxiety and stress, affects the body on a cellular level, and welcomes in a sense of joy, grounding and peace that resonates into every aspect of one’s life. From this vantage point of being centered clients testify to decreased feelings of depression, increased mental clarity, a remembrance of who they are, courage to step into their power and speak their truth, less fear and anxiety, clearer boundaries, and more gratitude and bliss.

Whatever your reasons for seeking a way to come into alignment with yourself, through a desire to heal the nervous system, to clear trauma, a longing to connect with your spirit, more mental clarity, to open your heart more, to invite in more joy with Cacao, to explore the ritual of Hapé , to upgrade your self care with craniosacral massage, Shamanic energy work and reiki, to seek support around plant medicine exploration, needing guidance with life coaching to step into your freedom, a craving for stress relief aided by sound bath, breathwork and meditation, or striving to come into union with yourself in full embodiment through yoga, it is no accident that you have come across this page. It would be my pleasure to hold space for you, as all of these modalities are extraordinarily beneficial, it’s magic, and it’s science. It is an honor to steward the deeply profound nature of this work with so much love!


What Clients are Saying


Healing session with Jen was out of this world! I ended the session feeling centered and calm. I felt lighter in my body, a feeling I have never experienced and there was a sense of inner peace. Jen does an incredible job in getting someone like me (Type A personality) to feel relaxed and grounded.

    • Catherine Nafissi, MFT

      Amicus Therapy Group


Healing alignments with Jen are magical! I feel a full release of tension from my mind and body, and really calm, centered and clear afterward. Her energy is truly healing and the sessions have brought more clarity, grounding, and peace into my life, thank you Jen!

    • Elise Dixon

      Ingenium Enrichment


A session with Jen is a true act of self care and self love. As a small business owner and mom of two I never carve out time for myself or gift myself the chance to slow down and recharge in someone else’s care. So the chance to receive love and nurturing, be held in a space of peace and fullness, and come back to myself was truly amazing. Jen is a true healer and gift to those that are lucky enough to experience her gifts. I will return to her care time and time again.

    • Emily Galvin Moore

      Owner Peacebank Yoga

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